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TTG’s commitment to ensuring traceability in its supply chain and responsible sourcing of materials is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 15 and 17.

TTG has implemented a number of initiatives throughout its supply chain to confirm materials are sourced in a responsible, transparent manner, TTG works closely with its supply chain partners to trace the origin of the materials through the tiers, back to the forest or farm.


Strive to source materials with sustainable fibers by 2025, including:

  • 25% of cotton through Better Cotton Initiative
  • 25% of polyester from recycled materials
  • 50% of viscose from Canopy supported innovative products
  • 100% of wool certified through the Responsible Wool Standard
  • 100% of down certified through the Responsible Down Standard
  • 100% linen

To achieve these goals, TTG works with a number of partner organizations to increase transparency and sustainable sourcing of our materials. See below for a few highlights.


TTG recognizes that the cotton supply provides a unique challenge for traceability. With a long-term target of being able to identify where cotton used in TTG products originates, we are working to identify a process for tracking cotton. As an initial step, TTG became a  Cotton LEADS  Partner in 2018 and supports its mission to advance sustainable cotton production in the US and Australia.

In 2019, TTG joined the  Better Cotton Initiative. We are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with the Better Cotton Initiative/BCI. TTG is committed to sourcing 25% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2025. *  Want to learn more about BCI? Check out the video  here.

To celebrate Earth Month 2020, the Hollister Instagram account featured a story to help educate customers about BCI and TTG's commitment.

*  Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. See for details.

Cellulosic Fiber

TTG published its  Cellulosic Fiber Policy  in 2017 outlining a due diligence process tracking system to improve our traceability through the supply chain. We work directly with our vendors to identify cellulosic fiber suppliers and safeguard against sourcing materials from ancient or endangered forests.

Moving forward, TTG will work with  Canopy  and our cellulosic fiber suppliers to collaborate and support solutions that protect ancient and endangered forests.


TTG is partnering with its wool supplying partners to comply with Textile Exchange’s  Responsible Wool Standard. By obtaining proper certification and supply chain transparency, TTG will work to ensure its wool is responsibly sourced and track progress.

TTG commits to source 100% of our virgin wool from Responsible Wools Standard certified sources by 2025.


TTG partners with our down suppliers to comply with Textile Exchange’s  Responsible Down Standard  by obtaining proper certification and supply chain transparency.

TTG commits to source 100% of our down from Responsible Down Standard certified sources by 2025.


TTG supports the goal of the DoddFrank Wall Street Reform Act to prevent armed groups from benefiting from the sourcing of conflict minerals, including tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten (3TG metals), from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the covered countries. Read more about TTG’s  Conflict Mineral Policy.

As a member of the  Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), TTGis able to confirm suppliers are conformant with RMI’s Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) assessment protocol.



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