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Returns & Exchange Policy


"The Tshirt Goat" STRIVES for two things... Quality+Comfort. Each and every item is Quality Inspected before packaging and shipping. The following policies are binding and legal.

"The Tshirt Goat"- DBA, Cashmere and Coal Apparel, INC.

"The Tshirt Goat' INC. is a Legal Entity that is registered in The State of Florida. All Terms, Conditions, and Policies are stated. Upon checking out with TTG, you will be asked to "Agree" to our terms, conditions, and policies, which states that you have "read and agreed" to our policies, terms, and conditions.

We do not process refunds or exchanges. If your item arrived damaged please email us within 24 hours of delivery with the issue and photos of the damaged item and the packaging. Canellations entail a 50% fee, NO EXCEPTONS!


1. My tshirt arrived but it doesn't fit, can I exchange it for a bigger size? 

YES! As stated per Legal Policies, you may purchase the "Exchange Fee" Listing in our shop if you absolutely cannot wear the item- this will cover the return shipping, restocking fee, and re-shipping of the new item.

2. I know that you do not process refunds, can I get a store credit?

Yes! Once you realize that your item cannot be worn, you may purchase a "Return Label" in our shop and once we receive the item back... you will be issued an E-Credit from our store.

3.What if my item arrives damaged?

IF your item arrives damaged, you must email us within 24 hours of the delivery and provide photos of the damaged item AND the packaging so we can determine if it is TTG or USPS who is at fault of the damage. Please note that if YOU sliced the item while slicing the package, nobody but YOU is responsible.

4. Is there any way to avoid the 50% cancellation fee?

NO. At this time, our merchant processing company will automatically deduct 50% of the item or order total (depending on what you are cancelling) on all cancellations after checking out. This is their fees, and there are NO EXCEPTIONS!

5. If i purchase the exchange Fee listing, how long until I receive my new item?

Once you purchase the "Exchange Listing" from our shop, will be emailed a return label... once we receive the returned item(s), your order will be processed and shipped within 5 business days.

6. What are your policies on "Custom Orders"?

Our policies remain the same on Custom Orders as a regular order. IF your item is damaged, we need an email within 24 hours with photos of the damage. IF we are at fault, you will receive a "return label" via email where you can print out and send the order back for a non-damaged order.

7. Can I exchange my tshirt for another color?  i thought it was darker.

      If you purchase the "Exchange Fee" listing, yes. This will cover all of the fees as TTG is not responsible for this mistake. Please see our color chart page.

8.  i needed my order by a certain date... it's too late now and i don't need this item. how do i return it?

    I'm sorry but we are not responsible for any delays in the process, we do have an option to place an order via "Custom Order" that allows you to give us a "Need-By Date", which sets a date where IF we   can accommodate in that time frame, we will accept the order- we will cancel order if we cannot get it there in time.

9. This item looks different than the item in the picture- i want a refund!

  MOST pictures on a website will be different in color and detail depending on the person's monitor... Mockups of the items are usually digital and can never amount to the perfection that the monitors show. We do not receive many complaints, and this issue is not calls for a return or exchange as it is stated in every listing description and is avoidable with EVERY design company.

10. What if I dispute the charge with Paypal or my Credit card company?

"The Tshirt Goat" DBA, Cashmere and Coal Apparel, INC. is a legal binding entity. As all of our policies are clearly stated and you are agreeing to them upon checking out of our website- if you dispute a charge or debit from the order that you placed and agreed to "Terms" with us, the case will be handed over to our in-house attorney (and owner's father) and will be addressed as a civil suit in front of a judge and reported to all three credit bureau's against your credit files. In this case, there is usually NO CHARGE to our entity, as our civil judges in Broward County, FL grant all of our case fees, (filing fees, court fees, Attorney's hourly time etc) to be paid by [YOU], the customer who disputed to charge in order to avoid our stated policies and terms, etc. 99% of the time. IF there is an issue with your order, and it is not stated in advance or damaged NOT on our behalf... WE WILL FIX THE ISSUE. It is NOT Worth the Interest and Attorney+Court fees to go as a debt on your credit files over a tshirt order! READ THE POLICIES, we do not override them!





ALL products by "The Tshirt Goat"; Cashmere+Coal® Apparel are USA Sized and will always be true to size. Our Tshirt's that are Unisex sizing tend to be on the "baggier" side but longer than a regular cheap our Women's Tee's and Tank's tend to be on the more slimmer fitted side.

See Size Charts below, or chat with us to decide on sizing as we do not exchange for sizes.



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