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Our Products

Our Products


"The Tshirt Goat" ;Cashmere and Coal® Apparel uses ONLY the highest in quality blanks that are hand-selected by us- right here, by us. 
Soft, Smooth, Pre-Shrunk 2X fabric made Sustainably in the USA or South America.

Our South Florida Studio Warehouse is staffed with on-site graphic designers who use the Pantone®️ Color Management System to ensure precise colors to last a lifetime. Equipped with Commercial equipment and supplies, inks, and papers- all ran Sustainably using ONLY Solar Power as well as a recycled rainwater system to sustain our eco system. 


Do you know the difference between Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, ring-spun cotton and carded open end cotton? For many decades, BELLA+CANVAS® has been providing the highest quality blank t-shirts and garments in the industry.

Carded Open-end Cotton:

Carded open end is your scratchier, heavier cotton. It’s usually found in a cheap, promotional T-shirt, and you’d never find it in a retail store.

Not only does it not feel great to wear, carded open end cotton tees are also not ideal for printing. Keep reading to see results of the tees printed!

Standard Ring-Spun Cotton

Standard ring-spun cotton is a step up from carded open end. The process used to spin yarn creates less stray fibers, but there are still impurities in the yarn. As we mentioned in our blog post about Airlume , any manufacturer can claim a combed and ring-spun cotton by combing out just one percent of impurities. And since there’s not much regulation in the industry, some manufacturers comb out impurities and then end up adding it back into the cotton before the spinning process so they get a higher yield.

Last, but not least, there is Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, which is the only cotton we use and it is made by  BELLA+CANVAS . During this process, they only use long cotton staples and comb out more impurities than any other manufacturer. Manufacturers can take out just one percent of impurities to call it combed and ring-spun, but Bella and Canvas removes about 25 to 30 percent of the cotton they start with because it doesn’t meet their standards. Basically, what this process results in is the best feeling and printing cotton you can get.

At "The Tshirt Goat"; Cashmere and Coal®️ Apparel, you will never receive a product made in China, you will never receive a low-quality "underwear brand" product. 

ALL of our products are GUARANTEED for 50+ wash cycles and our design will NEVER fall off!

What about Sustainability?

The blanks are dyed using the most efficient dyeing equipment available. For every pound of fabric dyed, we only use 3 gallons of water, which is 2-5 times less than other apparel manufacturers. To ensure the highest level of consistency of color, our color matching is all computer driven. Every fabric lot is color matched using automated equipment and checked on a lot by lot basis for consistency.


Black Lives Matter Donation: Raise Your Voice For Change

The Black Lives Matter movement has been unlike any other our country has seen in the last several decades. Over the past few weeks, we’ve made the decision to speak out about social injustice in a way we never have before. We admit, it’s taken too long. We admit we don’t have all the answers. No one action, one person, or one company can solve the systemic racism that exists in our country, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from taking action.

Over the course of history, our constitutional right to protest has led to real social change. We stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and support the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have taken to the streets to demand reform.


How our Manufacturer Helps...

At the same time, the threat of COVID-19 is very real. Black communities have been disproportionately affected by the virus with a death rate that is 2.4x higher than White Americans.

In partnership with Until We Do It, Bella and Canvas has developed the Orange mask to signify the intent of peaceful protests. Th´y hav´ pledged to donate at least 1 million masks to protest efforts across America. For every 5 masks purchased online, they will donate 100!


What Celebrities and Entrepreneur's say about our manufacturer... 

"The Tshirt Goat"; Cashmere and Coal®️ Apparel, INC. will contribute to our Eco System and our Mother Earth by planting a tree for each order placed with us. 🐝



ALL products by "The Tshirt Goat"; Cashmere+Coal® Apparel are USA Sized and will always be true to size. Our Tshirt's that are Unisex sizing tend to be on the "baggier" side but longer than a regular cheap our Women's Tee's and Tank's tend to be on the more slimmer fitted side.

See Size Charts below, or chat with us to decide on sizing as we do not exchange for sizes.



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